15+ Natural Bedtime Drink To Lose Weight

14. Kefir


This thick, creamy bedtime beverage might not sound so appetizing to everyone, BUT it is great for your gut! Kefir is basically fermented milk and helps increase healthy bacteria in the gut. This will improve the body\’s overall absorption of minerals and vitamins and digestive abilities. It is also known to induce a sleepy effect.

13. Water, Honey, Lemon

Honey Lemon Water

This bedtime weight loss beverage is simple and timeless. Just a cup of warm water, honey, and lemon can do wonders for your body. While water is necessary for flushing toxins out of the body, honey aids in flawless skin and speeding up one\’s metabolism. Lemon also assists in cleansing the liver and relieving the body of stored fact. This terrific trio is sure to bring desired results and help relax you for bedtime. Also….yum!

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